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Need Expert Asphalt Paving in Arlington, TX? Trust 45 Years of Service.

Commercial & Residential Asphalt Paving Done Right The First Time.
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#1 Asphalt Paving Arlington, TX - You Can Count On Us.

Experienced Team

With over 45 years in the industry, Arlington Paving & Sealcoating provides local, reliable paving services for both residential and commercial projects. We've been proudly serving the DFW Metroplex and Texas Since 2005!

High-Quality Work

We put a lot of detail in your project to make sure you have a smooth uniform surface, tamped edges, and water that flows as the grades allow so you have a long-lasting, beautiful project that you will be extremely proud of!

One Year Warranty

We'll work until you are 100% satisfied with your new paving job. Your complete satisfaction is our primary goal! If there's an issue with your new paving job within 12 months after we finish, we'll stop by to fix it FREE OF CHARGE!

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The #1 Local Asphalt Paving Contractors in Arlington, Texas!

Welcome to Arlington Paving and Sealcoating, your top paving contractor and sealcoating company in Arlington TX. Our local paving company here is eager to help you with all of your sealcoating and asphalt projects. Whether you are looking for commercial parking lot paving companies and sealcoating, or residential asphalt driveway paving, Arlington Paving and Sealcoating is your number one Arlington asphalt paving contractor. Our locally owned and operated paving company always strives to provide high-quality sealcoating and asphalt repair at a price our commercial and residential clients can afford.

Interested in getting started with asphalt paving? Give us a call or fill out a quote request online. Tommy, the owner, will call you right back to discuss your project needs and schedule a time to see the property.


Why Choose Arlington Paving & Sealcoating?

Locally & Family Owned

Do not hire out an unknown contractor for asphalt driveway paving or parking lot sealcoating. Stay in your own hometown and go with an asphalt paving company you know you can trust! By staying within the DFW area, you’ll be saving money for sure! 

FAST Service Estimates

At Arlington Paving and Sealcoating we understand that time is of the essence to get a paving job done. When you call us, we promise to schedule an appointment for an asphalt quote as early as the next day!

Available 24/7

We are always available to fulfill your needs, no matter what time it is. You can contact us by phone or email 24 hours a day, seven days a week and we will respond to your request faster than you can say, Jack Robinson.

Affordable Prices & Financing

There are a multitude of asphalt contractors and sealcoating companies who claim to be “experts” in Texas. Don’t be fooled by those paving companies who just try to “get it done”. We offer the best prices around without skimping in quality! 

20+ Years Experience

Experience is what separates a good asphalt contractor from a great asphalt contractor. The ability to see the paving job completed before it has been started is a skill that only the most experienced pavers have developed. Our paving contractors are lightyears above the rest and are ready to impress you today! 

High-Quality Work

Here at Arlington Paving and Sealcoating, we put a great deal of energy and attention to detail into your paving project to ensure you have a smooth, even and consistent surface, tamped edges, and water that flows as the grades allow, leaving you with a parking lot or asphalt driveway that lasts for many years to come.


Our Services for Asphalt Paving in Arlington, TX

Driveway and commercial paving are jobs best left to a professional paving company. We understand that, if your asphalt paving, sealcoating or driveway paving is not done right the first time, you will be left with a paved driveway that does not last. Our highly educated pavers are hands down the best in the asphalt business. There is no paving job too large or small - whether you need minor asphalt repair or you need an entire parking lot to be torn out and paved, we are your solution. We have been proudly providing our paving services to Arlington and nearby cities in Texas for years and have hundreds of happy clients! ​​Don't wait – partner with one of the best local paving companies Texas has to offer!

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Asphalt Driveway Paving in Arlington, TX

Do you need driveway sealing, driveway asphalt paving, or resurfacing? If you're looking for reliable local asphalt companies, look no further. Our locally owned and operated asphalt company is ready to address your driveway repairs. Our paving contractors are trusted, reliable and perform with precision. We use the finest materials in the industry and continue to pride ourselves in customer service. Our asphalt company has withstood the test of time due to our passion for our service and the value we hold for our customers. We guarantee and ensure full disclosure of our plans and decisions throughout your paving project! 

If you are looking for top-quality asphalt paving Arlington, TX, you’ve come to the right place! Our asphalt prices are the most competitive in the DFW area. Do not be fooled by other asphalt contractors. Our highly skilled asphalt contractors have a passion for paving and stay current with industry standards. We are considered the top in our trade, bringing forth work that is unparalleled in the paving world. Whether its pothole repair or entire commercial asphalt tear outs, we’ve got what you’re looking for! ​​


Pot Hole Repair & Asphalt Crack Repair

​Pothole and asphalt crack repair in Arlington has never been easier. Call us, we will come out ASAP and fix that eyesore. Potholes not only look bad, but they can be potentially hazardous for drivers and pedestrians. our experts can repair those pesky potholes and get your road or driveway looking great once again! If your asphalt is chipped and filled with cracks, give us a call! we will take a look at your damaged asphalt and provide a quote for you ASAP!

Looking for paving or sealcoating for a residential driveway project? Possibly, you need a week’s worth of commercial parking lot installation and resurfacing. Arlington’s top asphalt company is your superior choice. Hundreds of neighbors here have had driveway paving from us; businesses have had parking lot paving and sealcoating. We stop at nothing to bring you the finest quality with courtesy. We adhere to the golden rule and respect all of our paving customers and our paving staff. 

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#1 Choice for Residential Driveway & Commercial Parking Lot Sealcoating in Arlington

We are the local choice for residential driveway sealcoating and commercial parking lot sealcoating. Our asphalt contractors utilize the finest quality sealcoating materials - the result - beautiful looking redone asphalt. Whether you are a local business here in Arlington in need of parking lot sealing or our neighbor who needs driveway sealcoating, we have raised the bar for sealcoating in our area. We are equipped with the finest equipment in the industry - this in addition to our expert asphalt professionals makes our crew the best choice, and the NEXT choice, for your sealcoating project.


Do You Need Local Asphalt Sealcoating?

Yes, asphalt is porous by nature. This means that rain, dirt, and debris can leech into the substance, creating cracks and damaging your asphalt driveway or parking lot. By hiring a parking lot paving company to seal your asphalt with our high-quality sealer, you are prolonging the life of your asphalt while making it look beautiful! Our heavy-duty sealer is an investment that will pay for itself by providing you long-lasting asphalt for the years to come with chip seal paving. 

While we are a local company, we have also partnered with a paving company in Dallas that also is licensed and has the same years of experience.  We stand by their contractors and are happy to refer any paving business their way!

Seriously, call us.

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Questions About Sealcoating Cost? Call a Paving Contractor! 

We offer professional sealcoating at the best price, period. Compare us to other sealcoating companies in DWF, or the nation, our prices cannot be beaten. Our mission is to provide the best possible prices while delivering an excellent sealcoating product. Our sealcoating and paving contractors can turn that faded driveway into a beautiful piece of asphalt. Hundreds of satisfied homeowners and businesses will agree that our sealcoating and paving services stay within budget every time. 

Our sealer is the best in the industry. Many other companies may utilize poor-quality sealers and call themselves “sealcoating experts”. They save on cost but continue to overcharge you. This is not the way Arlington Paving and Sealcoating does business. We know that asphalt paving, chip seal paving, and sealcoating are jobs that need to be done the right way the first time to avoid waste and overages.


Your Driveway Is Your Welcome Mat & Asphalt Maintenance is the Key

Think of it this way, the asphalt surrounding your home or business is essentially welcoming your potential clients and friends. By investing in a fresh, new sealcoat for your asphalt, you are gaining that professional look that you see in magazines. If you are a business in Arlington, professional-looking asphalt will, no doubt, make a statement to potential clients walking by, enticing them to come in.

A new beautiful driveway asphalt paving and sealcoating will be the talk of your neighborhood. We have the ability to turn that damaged and faded asphalt into a work of art. Commercial and residential sealcoating is our forte. Get started with our asphalt maintenance today!

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More Than Just Asphalt Paving in Arlington

We do more than just asphalt and sealcoating here at Arlington Paving and Sealcoating. Here are some of the other services offered by the best paving company in Arlington, Texas and the surrounding areas!

  • Asphalt paving 
  • Sealcoating
  • Pothole repair
  • Driveway repair, crack repair, asphalt patching 
  • Chip sealing
  • ADA parking lots compliance 
  • Parking lots paving
  • Parking lot sealing 
  • ​Parking lot patching ​
  • Parking lot striping

We also have a wide range of service areas, so whether you live in the middle of Arlington or a surrounding town, get in touch!

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High quality Asphalt Paving at a price you can afford.

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