Finding an Asphalt Paving Company in Arlington: What to Look For in a Contractor

December 1, 2021

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Finding an asphalt paving company in Arlington shouldn’t be an overwhelming process! However, since there are so many paving companies from which to choose, finding the right contractor for paving repair and installation can be challenging.

finding an asphalt paving contractor in arlington

If you’re in the market for new asphalt installation, or if existing asphalt on your property needs repairs, check out a few suggestions for finding the best company for the job. You can then discuss these tips with a paving contractor near you as needed, and know you’ll end up with a quality contractor whom you can trust!

5 Basics for Finding an Asphalt Paving Company in Arlington TX

Consider 5 basics for choosing an asphalt paving company for repairs or new asphalt installation, so you can start narrowing down your options.

How much insurance coverage do they carry?

Many paving companies carry the minimum amount of insurance required by law. Minimal coverage might be enough to reimburse you for minor damage to your property but might fall short if a contractor should cause severe damage to a home or other structure.

Always check the insurance coverage of a potential paving company before hiring them. Usually, a $500,000 minimum policy is sufficient; a million dollars in coverage is even better! The policy should also include worker’s compensation, to cover their own workers in the event of an injury, and general liability coverage.

Check the grade of asphalt they offer

Asphalt is graded according to quality. A higher grade asphalt will last longer and need less patching over the years. A lower grade asphalt will usually have a high percentage of old material mixed in and recycled.

types of asphalt in Arlington

While mixing old asphalt in with new is good for the environment, the material might break down more readily. In turn, this means more repairs for a property owner over the years! Check the asphalt quality used by a contractor and ensure they offer the highest grade you can afford for your property.

Check their equipment or machinery

Avoid any contractor who promises that they can spread asphalt or perform a chip and seal by hand! Heavy-duty rollers are vital for pressing fresh asphalt into place and helping it compact properly, so the material stays strong as it dries. Hand rollers are sufficient for smaller repairs but a reputable contractor should have high-grade compactors for new asphalt installation.

How many people are on their crew?

A crew of just two people might be sufficient for minor asphalt repairs; however, new asphalt installation or projects like a chip sealant require several people working at once! Asphalt should be rolled quickly after application so that it doesn’t cool before it’s compacted.

crew of asphalt paving contractors arlington

Spreading new asphalt and adding chips is also a very cumbersome, difficult job, typically too challenging for just one or two people. Never hesitate to ask a potential contractor how many people are on his or her crew and ensure they’re not working alone, so you know your asphalt installation or repairs will get done right!

Do they ask for a down payment?

Unless your project is extremely expensive, usually in the $10,000 or higher range, an asphalt paving company shouldn’t ask for a down payment. Reputable contractors with a proven track record of success will have lines of credit with their vendors, so they shouldn’t need their customers to cover expenses until the job is complete.

In some cases, a reputable contractor will ask for a small deposit, simply to ensure you’re committed to the project. However, if they request thousands of dollars upfront, this can be a red flag that they’re not the most successful company and might not offer the quality services you expect!

What NOT to Look for in an Asphalt Paving Contractor

When choosing any contractor or materials for repair on your property, you don’t want to select a company based on price alone. Sometimes inexperienced contractors or those with poor reviews will lower their prices in order to “drum up” more business, or compensate for their lack of expertise.

working with the right asphalt paving company in Arlington

Some asphalt paving companies will also use lower-grade materials for repair or installation. While this might save you some money upfront, it can mean having to repeat those repairs or schedule a new paving installation sooner rather than later.

While a topnotch paving contractor might charge more than other companies, note that high-grade paving installation or reliable repairs are worth those few extra dollars! You can rest assured that your asphalt patching or new asphalt installation will last for years when you choose a reputable, experienced contractor rather than the cheapest in the city.

Arlington Paving and Sealcoating is happy to provide our readers with this information about finding an asphalt paving company in Arlington, TX. If you’re in need of expert fixes or new pavement installation, call our Arlington asphalt paving contractors. We offer FREE, no-obligation consultations and price quotes, and warranty all our work to last. To get started, just give us a call!

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